Carpet is a major investment —protect yours! Maintain the highest possible level of appearance and enhance indoor wellness at a low cost.

Proper periodic care can protect, revive and extend the appearance and life expectancy of your investment at a low cost.

We specialize in carpet maintenance and offer the most advanced deep cleaning technologies available:

  1. Encapsulation – low moisture process that captures the dirt for easy vacuum removal
  2. Dry Extraction – powder method that surrounds the dirt for easy vacuum removal

These methods contain no harsh chemicals, use very little water, reduces bacteria and mold growth and BEST of all, bio-degradable and dries in less than 30 minutes!

We also offer Hot Water Extraction for those heavy greasy areas.

We are proud to introduce the “Preventative Maintenance Program”. This flexible program is a yearly cleaning program that is custom designed by you. This program is not a contract. You can make changes to the regularly scheduled cleaning to a more convenient time. There is never a cancellation fee or date change fee. After all, it’s about you.

Simple Carpet Care

  1. Using entrance floor mats reduces up to 85% of dirt buildup
  2. Vacuuming daily will remove 90% of dry soil
  3. Scheduled quarterly maintenance will remove 90% of identifiable spots